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Cancellation policy due to force majeure related to COVID-19

Dear customers,
As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), which has led to the declaration of the State of Alarm throughout the Spanish State (RD 463/2020 and RD 926/2020) and in a generalized way in practically the whole world, BOUTIQUE HOTEL THEY ARE CORB. will facilitate the cancellation of confirmed reservations for the 2021 season for causes related to COVID-19 in any of the following circumstances:

  • Diagnosis of COVID-19 infection or imposition of quarantine.
  • Impossibility, restriction or severe difficulty to travel motivated by the cancellation of transport; border closure; suspension of visa on arrival at destination; refusal of entry.
  • By global health emergency situation.
  • Due to the closure of the contracted establishment.

Therefore, the cancellation of your reservation in our establishment must be duly justified by providing the corresponding supporting documentation, except that the cause is publicly recognized and notorious.

The client must inform in writing, by mail email to, of the cancellation of the reservation due to force majeure related to COVID-19 as far in advance as possible and in any case before or during the same day on which the entry or start of the stay. Within a month from said communication, you must document the specific circumstance that led to the cancellation. No amount already paid by the client will be reimbursed if the above requirements are not met.

Cancellations made due to force majeure derived from COVID-19 in the terms established in this document will entitle our clients to choose between:

  • Full refund of the amount paid for the reservation.
  • The change of dates in your reservation, subject to the availability of the requested establishment.

The Boutique Hotel Son Corb team appreciates the trust placed in us for the planning of your vacations and assumes the commitment to adapt in the best possible way to the circumstances that must be faced and that may particularly affect our clients.

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